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Steps for Membership:
  1. Check out our Upcoming Events page or and see when our next event is is scheduled. We highly suggest a Park Day or Mom's Night Out event.
    (These are more casual meet-ups, allowing time to visit and ask questions. They are a relaxed social setting.)
  2. Next RSVP for the event/meetup you wish to attend. This is only done through
  3. Attend the meetup you chose and meet other members. Let us know you are new, ask questions, and introduce yourself and your children.
  4. Next, pay your yearly dues through group site. Again that address is,
  5. Once you have met both requirement request a member ID below
  6. Once you have requested your member ID, you will receive a link to complete registration. The request and link are good for 2 weeks only.
  7. Once the membership dues have been received, your initial membership meetup has been completed, and documents on the website complete you will be approved and given access to the secure website features through the end of the current school year. The school year ends September 31 of each year.

Again, attendance of at least one meetup event, payment of yearly dues, and have approval of the HELD board prior to having full website access.
If you pay dues at the meetup group before attending a group event or vice versa you will not gain access.
BOTH actions are required to get board approval!
Membership is always at the discretion of the board.

An important responsibility for HELD Membership is to find a way to share your special talents.

The members of HELD want to foster a positive learning environment for everyone. In order for this to happen your participation and involvement are encouraged. We are certain that the more you get to know us, the more you will want to step up and take an active role and be a part of the HELD team. Even the smallest contributions will be valuable!

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